Thursday, September 15, 2016

Tasting Notes for Fluffy (my Wheat Saison)

Tasting notes of my beer Fluffy.  I've been drinking on this beer a while and trying to get carbonation right.  Still not there but it's time for some tasting notes.

Brew day post can be found here.

Drinking on 8-25-16

ABV: 6.04%
SG:  1.049 or 12.15°P
FG:  1.003 or 0.77°P
Apparent Attenuation:  94%
Actual Attenuation:  77%

Appearance:  Pale golden in color and super clear.  Off white head but the head isn't exactly what I was expecting.  Few tight bubbles and more sporadically sized bubbles than I usually have.  I attribute this to keg conditioning versus bottle conditioning.  Head dissipates rather quickly.  More work to be done there for sure.  But otherwise, very beautiful beer.

Aroma:  Right up front there is a banana character and a hint of white grape.  Very light spice is pushed back by even more fruit notes.  More fruity than anything in the nose of this one.  I tend to get that with a lot of the Saison yeasts now days and even more so when paired with Brettanomyces that pushes more fruit than funk.  With that note, no real funk character.  I'm very pleased with the nose as it's what I was aiming for. 

Flavor:  Definitely more classic Saison character in the flavor.  More spice and some citrus notes in the beginning but it finishes with a bit of the banana and white grape flavors almost like white wine.  Dry and spicy on the very end.  Fresh there was less spice and more fruit so I'm assuming that's what the conditioning has brought out.  Just a bit of malt character coming through in the form of a light breadiness.  

Mouthfeel:  Medium.  That's about it.  Not full at all and not thin for how dry it is.  

Overall:  I definitely have some ideas for a few changes to this beer.  I think bottle conditioning is definitely going to bring out more character.  I will definitely add some darker wheat for a bit more character.  Maybe ferment a little warmer and then package quicker as well.  I was a bit lazy in getting this in the keg then I had some issues with the carbonation and the regulator on the CO2 tank.

For my first beer with the C2C blend from Omega, I really like it.  I plan on using it a lot more and actually have used it in combination with ECY08 in a batch of Kathleen.

Good things!

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  1. I'm a bit confused with your apparent attenuation and actual attenuation. Care to explain?

    1. Apparent attenuation is what most people go by in brewing. We know that it is basically how much sugar is left after the yeast is done. But in actuality it's not that accurate because alcohol is lighter than water. So actual attenuation takes this into account.

      Not something completely needed but I like to include it in my notes just for reference.

    2. So how do you figure the difference?

    3. I use this website to get the numbers.

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