Current Projects

Here is a list of my current and future projects.  Things I'm drinking now and things I'm planning out are also in the list.  From here you can see where I'm headed with my brewing.

On Deck:

British Best Bitter
Peanut Butter Chocolate Porter
Munich Dunkel
Kathleen Split Batch
Mother Sour - The Beverl
New England IIPA


Supple Citrus (blood orange)  Need to keg this soon or bottle it but I'm not really happy with where this beer is.


Bière de Mars (Perenna)

In Barrels:

Bière de Garde (rum barrel)


2016 Dark Saison - Bottles with 3 gallons sitting on blood orange puree

On Tap/Drinking:

Rye Saison w/ Pekko Hops - Keg

American Farmhouse Ale (bottled with champagne/wine yeast)
Dark Saison 2015 w/ tart cherry juice - Bottles
Avant Garde style Bière de Garde with brettanomyces - Bottles
Kathleen (round 3) - Bottles
Wheat Saison (Fluffy) - Keg
New England IPA - Keg
Spur Bière de Garde - Keg

In Planning:

Autumnal Saison (yearly brew)
Saison with Salt and conditioned on Limes

Barrel Ferments:
Amber Saison


  1. Looking for your foraging tab, is it still in the works or did I miss it on the mobile version of the site? Interesting projects you got going!

    1. I just updated it and it should be there now. Tasting notes for the first foraged yeast beer will be up by the weekend (or should be!) Thanks for letting me know. I had it under Foraged Yeast but I think Foraging is better since it can include other things. Thanks for reading!